Always with you

Our long-term planning relationship

By its nature, Financial Planning can only deliver its full benefit when it is an ongoing, iterative service. One certainty about the plan we develop with you at the outset is that it will not come to pass. Your life, and the lives of those around you, will develop in ways that you could not have anticipated. It’s by maintaining a relationship with you so we can adapt your plan to respond to the inevitable twists and turns of life that we provide the full value of our professional service.

This is an approach that requires a close relationship, and thorough knowledge of your current circumstances and future intentions. This is the only way we can ensure that the financial resources available to you today, combined with those we anticipate in the future, are organised so as to ensure that you and those dearest to you can achieve the life of your choosing.

When your circumstances change unexpectedly for better or for worse – and they will – we will always be on hand to meet and revisit your planning. When change is less than momentous, and life remains on a relatively steady course, we will meet with you each year in order to –

  • Review your overall finances and your future aspirations to see if there have been any changes to your situation or your thinking.
  • Consider the influence of any changes beyond your control, including but not limited to external factors like taxation, legislation and regulation.
  • Discuss and agree with you whether any of these changes make your future chosen path any less or indeed any more realistic and achievable.
  • Consider, discuss and if necessary agree any changes to the various levers that we can pull to influence your future, such as:
    • your timescale;
    • the amount you invest;
    • the level of investment risk you choose to embrace;
    • the amount you gift to others;
    • how philanthropic you can be without compromising your own financial security,
  • At the same time, we will review the tax structuring opportunities of your finances. The aim is to maximise the use of legitimate and accepted opportunities to ensure that you are paying the right amount – but no more than the right amount – of the various taxes imposed upon all of us. There are many tax wrappers available for us to consider, and the options available change every year. Some will be appropriate to your affairs, others less so.
  • The review process also includes all your investments, to ensure that they remain fit for purpose – that is, creating the investment returns that your plan requires, at the correct level of investment risk, and at the most appropriate cost that does not include unnecessary investment management charges.

Based on the output from this annual review and future planning meeting, we will then report to you with any agreed changes – subtle or substantive – in order to keep you on track to achieve your future chosen lifestyle and objectives.

We absolutely share our clients’ insistence on transparency and efficiency. To that end, you will have secure on-line access to the information that we hold on your behalf, and you will always be able to see how your investments are performing. That said, an important part of our job is to remind clients to consider any short-term fluctuations in the value of your investments as exactly that. The important thing is to remain focused on progress towards the longer-term plan.