Always about you

The process of becoming a client

Forgive us for going into some detail on the first steps of what we hope and expect will be a long and successful journey together. The first steps are important, though, and there is a good deal of work to be done: we must make sure our long journey is properly planned, properly resourced and heads off in the right direction.

Initial Conversation

The starting-point is always a conversation – with you, and very often also with your partner if we’re likely to be acting on behalf of both of you. We need to build our initial understanding of your circumstances – not just the facts and figures of where you are today, but also the clearest possible picture of how you see your future. This meeting is always conducted face to face, and of course while we’re finding out about you, you’re finding out about us: it is an opportunity for you to ask yourself whether you would wish to become a client of Druthers, see value in paying our fees and believe that we are the right people to build a relationship with you. There is no cost for this meeting or obligation on either of us, but it will become chargeable should you decide to become a Druthers client. We will need at least a couple of hours, and although it’s a chore we will be asking if you can provide, before we get together, a pack of information on your current financial circumstances.

Written Follow-Up

Following our meeting, we will write to you confirming what we discussed and agreed as to the next steps we will both take in order to create your initial Financial Plan. It is at this point where we offer to formally represent you and agree with you the scope of our work and the fees that you will pay for our services.

Gathering and collating your information

We need to fully understand and appreciate the full financial detail concerning your decisions and choices so far, and we will be confidentially asking you for such information and opinions over and above those that you may have already supplied. This is an involved and frankly laborious process needing effort from us all.

Crunching the numbers, our analysis and initial reporting

Now that we have a complete awareness of your situation and life-time goals, we analyse and review the information we have and create your Financial Plan and if appropriate make our written recommendations to you as to what tax wrappers and investments we have researched and advised you to pursue.

Meeting to discuss and refine your Financial Plan

We reconvene to share with you your detailed Financial Plan, showing you the extent to which, as things currently stand, your current objectives and goals are likely to be achievable. We will then be able to make informed decisions together regarding the trajectory of your life and plans over the future years.

Structuring your finances and implementing our recommendations

Depending on what decisions and choices we make in this second meeting we may need to revisit our recommendations relating to tax planning and investment portfolios. Once these have been researched and agreed with you, we will then implement and structure your finances to specifically deliver on the Plan that we have agreed.

Next time we meet…and the time after that…and the time after that

We will agree the next date and time that we plan on getting together to revisit your Financial Plan, always recognising that unforeseen events in your life may bring this forward. We will keep in contact with you should we notice any opportunities to enhance your affairs or identify any threats to address in the intervening period. We are always available to answer any questions or discuss any thoughts you may have no matter how trivial you think they are, and at the minimum we will undertake a full review at least once a year.