Always for you: Our approach to fees

As a professional services firm, we are only paid by you, our client, and it is essential that you feel you are receiving value for money from the fees that you pay.  We will never conduct any work of a speculative nature and will always clearly agree with you the basis upon which we are to be remunerated before beginning work on your behalf or continuing to do so.  We will advise you if VAT is applicable (which, more often than not, it will not be).

Our initial fees to create your financial plan can be paid by either an agreed fixed fee or an hourly rate reflecting our time commitment.  The cost of implementation and the on-going review process can also be based on a fixed fee or hourly charge, but most clients prefer to pay a specified percentage of the assets under our advice within their plan.  You can pay us by cheque, bank transfer, or we can arrange for our fees to be paid directly out of your investments.

Rather than share with you the ‘%’ and ‘£’ of our professional fee details via our website, we would always discuss this with you face to face.  This is to ensure that you have the best chance to consider our fess in the context of your planning and make your decision as to whether they represent fair value once you fully understand what benefit you would receive as a client.

In addition to our fees, there are likely to be some costs payable to third party providers of tax wrappers and investment management:  these will all be clearly set out to you in our suitability reports that we use to provide you with your Financial Plan.

When your circumstances require us to arrange life assurance or other protection polices for you, we will agree with you our fee for such advice and implementation.  We do not receive commission from any such product manufacturer.

While long-term financial planning is the main part of our business, we are also able to provide advice and implementation on specific financial issues at particular moments in time.  We will always provide an estimate of the fixed fee payable for this kind of “transactional” service.

Similarly, we can also work for you on an “execution-only” basis, where we do not provide any advice but simply carry out your instruction.  Again, we will always provide a fixed-fee estimate before starting work on this basis.

Unlike full financial planning, transactional and execution-only work do not include any ongoing service.

We routinely work with your existing professional advisers such as accountants, tax advisers, solicitors and mortgage brokers (we are not regulated to advise on mortgages).  This is to maintain a coordinated approach which will ensure that your Financial Plan is comprehensive, and employs joined-up thinking with other professionals to best serve your specific requirements.

If, as a result of our work for you, we identify that you need the services of a third party we can effect an introduction. Such introductions are made based on merit and/or personal recommendations from existing clients. We do not accept any financial or non-financial incentives to effect such introductions, and we do not have formal reciprocating agreements in place.